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Re: [IP] Sudden Onset

> In a message dated 1/16/02 10:11:11 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
> << I want to start pumping ASAP, but if it is T2 do I pump also?  
> >>
> I'm not a doctor, but sure sounds like type 1 to me. Type 2 takes
> years before numbers get high enough to notice. However, I can tell
> you that I'm type 2 - and I'm a pumper.

That reminds me..... Did y'all know that D has pumps that hold a full 
10cc vial of insulin?? That's right, 1000 units. They have a 500u 
version as well. This seems to me it would be just the thing for a 
resistant T2. They are not technically "insulin pumps", but are  
approved by the FDA for general pharmecutical infusion, a doc could 
prescribe it for our resistant T2 friends.

For more info, see:


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