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Re: [IP] Sudden Onset

> I am slowly
> developing my ratios to do MDI on myself.  My question is, how do
> you tell type1 vs type 2.  With such a sudden onset and such high
> numbers, he did not feel like oral would do the trick at all.  I
> want to start pumping ASAP, but if it is T2 do I pump also?  I know
> listers will know way more than any ole docs, so please give
> advise!!!!

Well.... you know what they say about attorneys that represent 
themselves.... they have a fool for a clients. I suspect their are 
other applications of that adage, no slight intended. You should see 
your doc. It's difficult to tell T1 from T2 without very specific 
testing or watching the progression of insulin needs over quite a 
while. There have been many mis-diagnosed cases where the "type" is 
thought to be T2 -- and BTW, T2 is a collection of "many" different 
conditions unlike T1. T2 is generally treated very differently than 
T1 except in the "end" stage for someone very resistant to their 
insulin or unable to produce adequate quantities.

> Thanks, Lisa mom to Mira dxd at 17 mths......hey is there
> such a thing as reverse heredity??hahahaha

Yep, don't you remember where parental insanity comes from :-) ???
(grey hair too)

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