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Re: [IP] "Clicking" 508 makin' me crazy...

 From: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IP] "Clicking" 508 makin' me crazy...
>I have always thought of the Animas as making a 'whirring noise' , and I
>notice it when it is super quiet in the room and am actually holding the
>in my hand- so wasn't even sure if it was a noise or a vibration, and have
>never had anyone else notice it at all.  However, if you are supersensitive
>to the clicking, I guess it could possibly bother you too.  Maybe a trial
>with an Animas loaner would be a good idea before you commit.
>aka Mouse
>- ----------------------------------------------------------

Yes, my Animas pump also makes a whirring noise, which I only notice if as
you say, it's very quiet in the room.  Even when I bolus, fellow co-workers
say they don't even notice the beeping.  However, I must tell you, I am in
love with my Animas pump and so may not be completely objective.  :-)
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