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[IP] Re: New Silhouettes-better absorption???

Hi Amanda,

     My Claire (age 7) has only used the Quick-sets, but Barb, Mum to 
Canadian butterfly Erica, reported the same type of thing as you experienced, 
but in reverse.  Until last summer, Erica had been using the Sils since pump 
start, but was at the age when she wanted to spend a few days away with a 
friend.  She tried the Quick-sets as these would be easier for her to insert 
on her own.  She found that she needed to increase the amount of insulin 
taken, I believe both bolus ratio and basal rate.  
     So it could very well be the change in set is responsible for your 
differing needs.  Though I'm sure there are many on this list who haven't 
noticed any change when they switched.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7

>  I switched to the Silhouettes and
> have found that my boluses are WAY too much all of a sudden.  The MM rep
> said that the quick sets were too long for me and going into muscle
> (OUCHY) is it possible that my insulin was not being absorbed enough?? 
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