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Re: [IP] growing up quick

> Hi all. Kevin went thru a strange thing. We have all of a sudden
> started battling highs. No cold coming, no food changes, everything
> else pump wise seemed fine. Very weird. Usually, it is like only one
> part of the day is high and we fix the basal and all is hunky dorry
> again. So, yesterday we did a 120% temp increase to the basal and
> boom! All better. So, after figuring how that would translate to
> increasing the basals over 24 hours, we ended up doing a .1 increase
> accross the board. This seems so strange to us that it would happen
> virtually over night! Is this more typical of puberty ? 

Well..... it was for my pump girl at that age. Sounds just like our 
house a few years ago.

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