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[IP] growing up quick

Hi all. Kevin went thru a strange thing. We have all of a sudden started
battling highs. No cold coming, no food changes, everything else pump wise
seemed fine. Very weird. Usually, it is like only one part of the day is high
and we fix the basal and all is hunky dorry again. So, yesterday we did a 120%
temp increase to the basal and boom! All better. So, after figuring how that
would translate to increasing the basals over 24 hours, we ended up doing a .1
increase accross the board. This seems so strange to us that it would happen
virtually over night! Is this more typical of puberty ? He is now 13 and he
now has pecs (I know, as a Mom...I shoudn't notice these things...but during
site changes- I notice!) and big arm muscles...I see that cuz he flexes for
me daily! ha ha. Wish I had some of that testosterone!

Mom to Kevin, 13, dx 12/98
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