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RE: [IP] Re: Wrestling with highs

I am finding that I can tell when I am getting sick(have been fighting
bronchitis since early November). When it gets worse my bg goes way
For the last 2 days I have been fighting to get below 200.  I really get
paranoid about my A1C.  I want to get it into normal range(I was 7.2
when I started pumping in early Dec-down from 13+).  I bolused in the
middle of the night twice last night(even with high basals)4 once and 2
hours later another 3.  The first bolus only dropped me about 35, the
next one really helped.  But what bothers me is this---when I
bolused(normal for breakfast-bg-116), the bg skyrockets where usually I
am down in 2 hours.  It makes me want to scream.  Does anyone have any
suggestions?  The first couple of weeks on the pump were great.  Then
the PMS hit and I worked through that.  Now illness.  Please tell me it
gets better.

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