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Re: [IP] Re: Wrestling with highs

> during the week, my afternoon 
> sugars are way up in the 300's, all the time.  On
> the weekdns, where I'm 
> either hanging around the house or out doing
> something fun, sugars are 
> decent and pretty level all day.

ditto for me.
I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I'm very
sensitive to insulin, so even the difference between
bolusing and eating, and bolusing and eating and
walking to the subway (about 8 blocks) is huge. If I'm
hanging out at home, I don't worry about lows. Running
around town, trying to get to work (I freelance) I
have a lot of lows and fear of lows, so I either don't
bolus enough at meals, or go high after treating a
low. I find that my basal stays somewhere between .6
and .7, .7 being perfect for days at home, but
*sometimes* too high for running around type days. The
only thing I can do is test all the time and hope I
settle into a schedule for a few days. 

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