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Re: [IP] Erin-Parsons Wright and virus email

>Not exactly! Erin's computer has been infected with a virus and her 
>Outlook Express mailer is automatically sending these posts out. She may 
>not even be at her computer right now. The DeMime program that Michael has 
>installed automagically removes the offensive part of the virus [demime 
>0.98e removed an attachment of type application/octet-stream which had a 
>name of compliant.pif] but it is very possible that anyone might receive a 
>post from her that doesn't go through Insulin Pumpers. So delete any posts 
>with attachments from Erin until she can get her computer de-bugged! ;>)
>George Lovelace IP Administration

And, make sure your virus software is updated!

IP Administrative team
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