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[IP] New Silhouettes - better absorption???

Hello Everyone,

I started on a MM blue 508 in May 2001.  I was using quick sets 6mm with
some bad and some good and getting very frustrated.  After my husband was
hospitalized in December I lost weight due to stress a pound or two made
finding enough fat for the Quickes IMPOSSIBLE.  After much pouting and
frustration and fear (they look scary) I switched to the Silhouettes and
have found that my boluses are WAY too much all of a sudden.  The MM rep
said that the quick sets were too long for me and going into muscle
(OUCHY) is it possible that my insulin was not being absorbed enough??  I
was taking 1.0 all day now I have been taking 1.0 units from 12am-7am 0.9
units from 7:00am-12:00pm and 0.8 units/ hour 12:00pm - 7:00pm and
0.9/hour 7:00pm - 12:00am.  It has been cut back a lot.  I asked my MM
rep at first tying the silhouettes if this would be a possibility and she
said it has never been a case before - I mean ! there is a first tiem for
everything.  Has anyone ever had this issue with changing types of sets. 
now I love the Sil's I would not go back to quicks or sofs ever they are
so comfortable.  Although I do notice more scarring with them. 

[IMAGE]Amanda Hagen[IMAGE] 


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