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RE: [IP] Re: MRI etc.

Susan [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> The message below made me wonder if you put the pump in a 
> lead, film protection bag, would there be a problem? Same 
> principle as the lead shield used for protection in x-rays. 

While x-rays are electromagnetic radiation, it doesn't generate a magnetic
field.  An MRI works by using very high energy magnetic pulses to perturb
the cells in the body momentarily.  As they do so, the cells, in turn cause
perturbations in the magnetic field which are recorded by the sensors, and
the computer program outputs the data as an image.

One could shield the magnetic field, but it would probably take a highly
charged ferrous metal (iron, manganese, etc.) to do so - lead wouldn't do

But then, if you had an appropriate shield for the pump, it would probably
negate the magnetic events that are recorded in the MRI.

Just leave the pump off when entering the MRI lab and use injections as

Jim Handsfield
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