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Re: [IP] bolus amount left-Deanna's "formula"

First, good for you for deciding to correct for high blood sugars.  Endos do
not realize how terrible highs can make you feel unless the endo has
diabetes him/herself.
I think this cautious endo is trying to see if the carb/insulin ratio as
well as basal rates are correct, but you really can't do both at once
I think I recall you writing that he wanted you to eat the same things at
the same time.  Sometimes this is done to see how accurate basals/bolus
amounts are, but not done as an everyday/forever lifestyle, and certainly
any bad highs need more action than a temp basal increase to help you feel
better as soon as possible).
Perhaps this endo doesn't realize that you would wait for 2 then 4 hour
readings to get a handle on how much the correction bolus did (ah yes, after
a while you know how much a unit will drop you and can figure quite
precisely a correction bolus).   He may feel you'd bolus, do it again in an
hour, then again so that you would end up low.

Second, as to your statements below:
"According to Pumping Insulin, 30 percent of the bolus is used in one hour.
So, if you multiply the number of hours since your last bolus by 30, that
gives you the amount of insulin that has already been USED."
****This gives you the % of bolus that's been utilized, not an amount of
insulin used.
{Ex: 1 unit bolused 3 hrs before: 30% x 3 = 90% utilized}

"Subtract that number from the total bolus and you have the amount of UNUSED
insulin still left in your body."
**** You have to multiply the % by the amount of your bolus to get the
amount of bolus that's left to be used, not subtract as you wrote.
 { using above 1 unit example, 90% used so only .1 is left (1.0 x 90%= .9,
1.0 -.9 = .1).}
****Easier way is to figure % used, subtract from 100%, then multiple that
figure by the amount of the bolus as this gives you the amount yet to be
{30% x 3 hrs = 90%, 100% -  90% = 10%, 10% x 1 - .1}

Yes, "Pumping Insulin" is a definite necessity for pumpers, and wish all
endos/CDE's would read it, too.
Marj; Mike; and "Ace, the PP" (portable pancreas)
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