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Re: [IP] bolusing

<< Leeann:
You stated that the measurements of how much insulin remaining in your body
works fine for you according to the IP book. My question to you is how fast 
do you see a change in your b.g. after you bolus?  If I check my b.g. 2 hrs 
later, it is still a little on the high side and therefore I think that I 
have more insulin working in me at that time.

Also, how does one figure out those percentages?  I'm not very good in math 
and don't know how to calculate it...anyone???? (you've got to write out the 
formula for me or else I'm totally lost!!!) >>


Admittedly, the Unused Bolus Rule is not easy if you are math-challenged.  
;-)  But IMO it's really worth figuring out.  Walsh steps through two 
detailed examples on pages 127 and 128 of his book.  I would recommend that 
you take some time and slowly go through them until you see what he's doing.  
Try not to let it scare or overwhelm you--I think he explains it as clearly 
as anyone can, and if you slowly work through it, I know you'll get it.  If 
you know someone good in math, you might ask them to help explain it--some 
people find it easier to learn from a person than a book.

You asked how fast I see a change in my BG.  According to Walsh, most people 
see an effect from a Humalog bolus in 15 minutes or so, a peak at 1-1/2 
hours, and a dissipation of it in 3-1/2 hours.  That's pretty true from my 
experience, but your experience may be different.  So you're right, at 2 
hours, you would still have insulin acting in your body--that's why it's 
important to figure out how much is still active, so that you don't overshoot 
the corrective bolus.

This is all a lot of trouble, yes, but I felt it was worth it because it 
would enable me to bring down a high before it caused trouble to my body or 
my A1c results.

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