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RE: [IP] Wrestling with highs

Adrenalin (sp?) is probably what your dealing with.  A friend of mine's son
plays hockey with a pump, and his BG's increase throughout the game do to
the adrenalin factor.  Afterwards however, he will drop quickly do to the
exercise.  They control it by bolus prior to the game, disconnecting the
pump for the contact factor, and resume a normal basal afterwards with a
snack.  Seems to work well for him.

Subject: [IP] Wrestling with highs

This is kind of a weird problem that I don't know if anyone can answer.  My 
son has been wrestling for 8 years.  His tournaments were always on 
Saturdays and every Saturday that he wrestled my sugars were always very 
high.  I know that it is caused from the stress of wanting him to win his 
matches.  I have been on the pump since the middle of December and every 
Saturday that he has wrestled I cannot keep my blood sugars down. I thought 
the pump would solve this problem. I'm wondering if I should raise my basal 
rates on those days and if so by how much.  I am seeing the endo on Tuesday 
so I will ask her then but in the mean time does anyone have any 
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