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Re: [IP] bolusing

> Leeann:
> You stated that the measurements of how much insulin remaining in
> your body works fine for you according to the IP book.
> My question to you is how fast do you see a change in your b.g.
> after you bolus?
> If I check my b.g. 2 hrs later, it is still a little on the high
> side and therefore I think that I have more insulin working in me at
> that time.


You should be able to see results after a half hour or so. It works 
much like the unused insulin rule, but upside down sort of....

My daughter uses a simple approximation that says 20% of the insulin 
is IN after 30 minutes and 20% more in and hour + 20% more for 
1 1/2 hrs. After that she spreads the remainder out over the next 
few hours (actually she forgets about it heh... heh...). The results 
are usually pretty predictable and follow her insulin/bg ratio pretty 
closely. There is some variability for this estimate in the first 30 
minutes, but beyond that it ususally is a good match to what her bg's 
really do. You must, however, take into account any carbs or other 
insulin in your system using the usual methods.

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