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Re: [IP] bolusing

> Leeann:
> You stated that the measurements of how much insulin remaining in your
> works fine for you according to the IP book.
> My question to you is how fast do you see a change in your b.g. after you
> bolus?
> If I check my b.g. 2 hrs later, it is still a little on the high side and
> therefore I think that I have more insulin working in me at that time.
> Also, how does one figure out those percentages?  I'm not very good in
> and don't know how to calculate it...anyone???? (you've got to write out
> formula for me or else I'm totally lost!!!)
> Kathy Bruckmeyer
> email @ redacted
> diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00

The formula give in "Pumping Insulin" is that 30% of the original humalog
bolus is consumed each hour (some people will disagree with that formula but
it is the one Walsh gives). Based upon that the calculation is:

Units remaining = Units taken * (1.00 - 0.30 * Hours since bolus)

For example if you took 8 units, 2 1/2 hours ago the calculated amount still
active is around 2 units.

Units Remaining = 8 Units*(1.00-0.30*2.5 hrs) = 8*(1.00-0.75) = 8*0.25 = 2

The usual warning applies - This is not medical advice on what you should
do. It is simply an example of what apparently works for some other people.

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