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[IP] Re: 3 year old daughter

I know of what you speak!  My daughter was diagnosed at the age of
three and I remember how lonely, frightened and hurt I felt.  I felt
like I didn't stop crying for weeks.  I couldn't find any decent
material about diabetes for children at that time.  She was looking for
answers and I needed visuals for her to use.  She had just caught on to
the idea of cause and effect--thought in the black and white of right =
good, wrong = bad.  I remember speaking to my church's youth director
who had a son in the same age group.  I told him that she kept asking
me "WHY?" and that I didn't know how to answer her.  He explained that
she wasn't asking why it happened, but why she need the shots.  That
put it all in a new light.  I made sure she knew she was getting a shot
so that she could live and grow and learn.  I also made sure to tell
her how proud of her I was, how much I loved her and to kiss and hug
her before and after each test and shot so she would know they weren't
a punishment.  

It isn't an easy road you are on, but it will get better.  Please feel
free to contact me if you have specific questions or problems.  I am a
member of a group in the Washington DC area that tries to help parents
adjust to their child's diagnosis.  The main thing that is stressed is
that parents need to verbalize their anger and fears to other adults so
they can help their child progress.  

email @ redacted


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