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Re: [IP] It finally happened to me!

> By this time she was talking grave and whispering.  I thought the
> mother had a brain tumor or something along the lines of eminent
> death. She asked me if I had heard of the boy and his mother.  I said

> no. Then she leaned into me and whispered, "She has diabetes." 
> I was stunned.  I couldn't even respond to her. All I keep thinking
> was, "does this lady know who she is talking to?" 

Shortly after my  3-yr old daughter was diagnosed in 1993, the jerk,
oops, I mean endo who was dispatched to release her from the hospital
told me that I need not feel guilty about her diagnosis.  (I don't
think I have ever felt guilty about it since I am also diabetic and had
never seen him before.)  He explained that "one cannot choose which
genes get passed from one generation to the next."  He, himself was
cursed with "bad" genes, too!  He said everyone in his family lives at
least into their 90s, so instead of being able to retire early, he'd
have to keep working several more years so he could also afford to live
into his 90s!  

Compassion was not what I felt for this man.


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