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RE:[IP] Someone you should know about

The purpose of Jim McCords run is to bring awareness to the need for more 
funding.  He is not asking anyone to earmark funds for him instead of other 
oranganizations.  Jim spoke to the presidents of both JDRF and ADA about a 
joint effort to get a rally in Washington.  They were unable to arange a get 
together.  Mr McCord lauds the efforts of both organizations, butsees the 
government as resource that needs to be used better.  He lives in the 
Cincinnati area, and a look at his sponsers will show that they are all 
local contacts helping him.  He does not want a corporate sponsor.  He wants 
his message viewed as that from people who deal with diabetes.  He would be 
overjoyed if all that you did is contact your representatives in Washington 
and urged others to do this.  His run may be seen as a futile gesture, but 
its focus is to call attentionto a need.  You have to start somewhere.  I 
said a cure is on the horizon.  My son is 10, if we keep his sugars in line, 
10-20 years from now maybe his future won't seem so bleak.  The main message
is make some noise, and get some other people to do it.  I support JDRF and 
ADA every chance I get.  If you have any other ideas I am willing to listen. 
Check out Jim's web site and send him an email, if you have another idea he 
will be there in a minute to support it.  www.diabatesinfo.cc

                     Jim Waters

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