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Re: [IP] Fighting insurance for the pump

It is not unusual for an insurance company to require 6 months of glucose
readings prior to approving the pump.  All insurance companies are different
and have different policies and procedures.  It makes no diffference on the
state...the policies and procedures are set by the company.

Roxanne M. Villanueva RD, LD, CPT
Registered and Licensed Dietitian
Minimed Certified Insulin Pump Trainer
IDDM X >20 Years, Pumping 1/4/1995
(First with Disetronic and now with MM since 11/00 and much happier!)
"Diabetes is a disease of complications waiting to happen." - - - Mary Tyler

In a message dated 1/14/2002 10:14:48 PM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> Hi, I don't post very often due to a VERY hectic schedule of homeschooling
> and raising 5 children (1 of whom is a newborn!), but I do have a question
> for those out there who have had a similar problem.  My son Riley (6) was
> dx'd 2 1/2 yrs ago and has been pumping for 19 mos. When we got him on the
> pump we had no problems insurance wise.  My sister, otoh, works for
> Wal-mart, has had TI for 27 years (no complications) and has insurance
> through Blue Cross/Blue Shield out of Arkansas thru her employment.  She
> lives in MO.  She is trying to get on the pump as her disease is way out of
> control (her last 2 years of A1cs have not been under a 9!) but she is
> getting a hassle from BCBS.  Her endo sent them a letter of med. neccessity
> and a Px for the pump.  Now, they want her to send them the last 6 mos of
> blood sugars and more paperwork!  She has been trying to pump for the last
> 6
> mos and can't get the insurance to stop this red tape/delay tatics.  What
> can/should she do?  Is there someone to talk to, or a process that you all
> know about that she can try to get the insurance to approve the pump?  I
> believe she was looking at a MM pump too-I don't know how much help she is
> getting with insurance on that front.  Any advice would be greatly
> appriciated!!!!
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