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Hi everyone,     I liked seeing the post about the rally, I have great
memories, My husband daughter and I all went to the Rally, it was
wonderful, we had gone the previous year, just my husband and I , but
anyway we collected a total of 7,590 signatures!!!!!!!!!  So we were
indeed proud and very happy to attend , there were so many people so
interested in diabetes, all  at the same time! The programs were great,
my daughter went to the youth rally and learned so much about the funding
and inequities for us.  She is a diabetes advocate, and really does want
to fight for a cure, she participates in the walks, and has gone to some
support groups with me. She loves my pump, and has always taken an
interest in my diabetes. She reminds me in a polite way if I am eating
some things that aren't the best choices. she will ask me what my blood
sugar is. She spoke with our congressman when we were in Washington. She
stood out side football games, etc to col! lect signatures, I was so
proud of her. She did have a problem one day though, when I dropped her
off at school some of her classmates said "who was that?" and she said
her Mom, then they asked where I was going after I dropped her off, and
she told them to work, and they responded that it couldn't be that bad if
I could drive a car and go to work! So of course she was upset when she
came home and told me that they didn't understand that it is a serious
disease.         My other daughter says that she tells her friends that I
can do anything that other Mom's can do, I just need to be really careful
and do healthy things.         One more point, sometimes it can seem so
overwhelming, and we all have good and bad days, but i read somewhere
that if you have a disease that can be this devastating, sometimes it is
actually beneficial to be a little bit in denial of all the things that
can happen to you, otherwise, it may seem too depressing and futile to do
anything at all. Almost like a selffullfiling profecy if you think you
are going to experience everything bad, etc. I am a nurse, just became a
diabetes educator, so I am not recommending denial, but I can see the
point where I really want to continue to believe  that all the hard work
I do to take care of myself will indeed make a great difference today and
all of my tomorrows. If there is anything I can do to prevent any of the
complications, I will continue to work hard at that, and if I get them at
least maybe not as soon as I would have.. I want to see a cure in my
lifetime, but i am ! grateful for the advances made so far, and have seen
many good things in my 25 years of being diabetic. So far no
complications, and I hope to see it cured in mylifetime, and stop the
legacy now! I consider insulin to be life support only, and not the
answer any of us is ready to settle for, but with the pump, i am more
hopeful than I ever was before it!                                                                                  
Fondly, and forever a crusader,


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