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[IP] Re: herbal remedies

I agree. Even though I use them myself, believe they work, and have never had problems
with them, you have to treat them like you would allopathic medication. Use common
sense and respect their power. Just like allopathic medicine, more is not necessarily
better and overdoing *anything* is not a safe or smart practice. Many of our meds today
were derived from herbs...so they do work. But use them wisely. Sometimes one form of
an herb is dangerous while another form of it is not (take pennyroyal oil for
instance...a very tiny amount can kill you if taken internally as it is extremely
concentrated. Pennyroyal tea, however, is weak and is not harmful in this form.) St.
John's Wort is a commonly used herb and it can make you sensitive to sunlight. You have
to be aware of things like this when you take them. Always let your dr and pharmacist
know if you're taking them in case of interactions with meds you are on (it does happen

take care, Kerri

Michael said:
Be advised that you should check out any herbal supplement that you
are taking. Some are OK, some are downright dangerous or can be
dangerous when use in place of regular medications.
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