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[IP] re:sheila morris

isn't it funny how people do react to diabetics? does anyone get tired of
"oh! you can't eat that! it has sugar in it!" they don't realize that a
piece of wheat bread has about the same carbs as a hershey bar.  and when
you tell them how the pump gives you the freedom to eat a little more
liberally, they look at you like you have 3 heads! i work in a hospital, and
even health care workers just don't understand how insensitive their
comments are.  i try to respect all of my patients with their problems, no
matter how serious or simple. you won't hear me yelling across our gym "hey
bob! don't look at the flashing light, you'll have another seizure!" we all
just need to educate our little corner of the world, for ourselves, and the
diabetics who don't know what to say.

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