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[IP] Re: IP correction boluses

In a message dated 1/14/2002 7:46:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Problems started yesterday, however, when I miscalculated how many carbs 
 in the burrito I had for lunch. By dinner I was 347. My endo doesn't want me 
 to do correction boluses, so I bolused for dinner and ate, post-prandial was 
 421 and then a half-hour later I was still climbing at 436. <snip> I spoke 
to my endo and he wants me to 
 correct by raising the basal for a few hours, NOT a bolus correction. He is 
 against bolus corrections, thinks they lead to hypos. >>

Hi Deanna,

When you're on your own and a little more comfortable, and you have your 
basals set OK, you will start experimenting with how to treat highs and how 
to vary your mealtimes/amounts. You'll be fine!  Hang in there. In the 
meantime, keep calling your endo when you're that high, and make him let you 
correct somehow, so you don't feel crummy! My theory about highs is different 
from his (though he has an MD and I don't :)   I check 1 or 1/2 hours after 
any meal I have any doubt about, and deliver a small correction bolus 
immediately if I'm high, keeping in mind how much of my last bolus is still 
working, how full I still am, and my activity level...this generally doesn't 
lead to lows if I'm conservative about the correction bolus amount. A raised 
basal rate for correction would probably make me low later on, whereas a 
bolus would act now when I need it, and be gone later when I didn't. But 
you'll figure out your own way! Best of luck with your new pump and with your 
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