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Re: [IP] Off and running, sort of

> Hello all.
> First, thanks again to all who encouraged me after my gynocologist
> discouraged my running a marathon with the ADA's Team Diabetes. My
> endo has given me the green light and, like me, his greatest concern
> was figuring out my dosages during training. I started the pump with
> insulin last Thursday evening. All has been going pretty well.
> Looked like only minor changes would need to be made and my BGs were
> even stable during my workouts. I've been running on the slightly
> high side but under 200 as we started out with some conservative
> numbers to see how things go.

I suspect that you will get much better performance from your body if 
you can keep your bg's under 150 while asking your muscles for 
maximum output. My daughter found that while playing soccer she could 
run faster and farther if her bg's were not too high. Y'all know what 
happens if you are too low :-)  That makes control crucial for your 
marathon, but the pump is the tool to do it with, that and a bottle 
of glucose tabs.

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