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[IP] Re: cataract problems?

Thanks, Andy.  It does help, just bothersome that I need bottlecaps now to

<<<Hello Ashley,
It isn't fair to really compare healing times on the two eyes.  Very minor
differences in the procedures can make a difference in healing times.  For
example, if 1 lens is harder, physically, than the other lens, it means the
eye goes through more "trauma" (which surgery is) to get that cataract out
and that can prolong the healing time.  Sometimes the surgon will use a
visco-elastic goo-like substance to help stabilize things during the
procedure and that can prolong the healing time.  5 days out from the
isn't time enough to say how things will go.  It is very normal for things
be blurry still at this point.  Until just a few years ago, you still would
not be able to see with that eye, much less be able to describe things as
As for the stronger reading glasses, it sounds like yu might have been
nearsighted before the surgery, so things up close were easier to see with
correction.  Now that you have the new lenses inside you eye, that dynamic
has changed.  The doc probably is trying to make to see clearly at a
distance, which would mean that you would need stronger reading glasses.
Hope that helps!
Aroma Verde
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