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[IP] Off and running, sort of

Hello all.
First, thanks again to all who encouraged me after my gynocologist 
discouraged my running a marathon with the ADA's Team Diabetes. My endo has 
given me the green light and, like me, his greatest concern was figuring out 
my dosages during training.
I started the pump with insulin last Thursday evening. All has been going 
pretty well. Looked like only minor changes would need to be made and my BGs 
were even stable during my workouts. I've been running on the slightly high 
side but under 200 as we started out with some conservative numbers to see 
how things go.
Problems started yesterday, however, when I miscalculated how many carbs were 
in the burrito I had for lunch. By dinner I was 347. My endo doesn't want me 
to do correction boluses, so I bolused for dinner and ate, post-prandial was 
421 and then a half-hour later I was still climbing at 436. I had already 
checked the site and everything was running fine. An hour later I finally 
started to come down and by morning was at 207. I thought I might level off 
today, but BGs are climbing again as I've never corrected the highs and am 
not starting off from a good place. I spoke to my endo and he wants me to 
correct by raising the basal for a few hours, NOT a bolus correction. He is 
against bolus corrections, thinks they lead to hypos. I am not pleased at 
having highs for 24 hours and then having to wait six hours for my BG to come 
down. This is interferring with training as I have a trace of ketones now.
My endo also wants me on fixed dosages and meals and this is driving me 
crazy. Seems to defeat the purpose of all this. I knew I would have to be 
patient in working out dosages, but this is not the kind of patience I 
thought would be required.
Any thoughts from anyone?
dxed IDDM 9/92, pumped as of 1/10/02
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