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[IP] SF Bay Area Study

I've mentioned this before, but now it looks like more resources are 
available, not much more, but enough to proceed.

Dr. Kevin Lemley is a ped Nephrologist at Lucille Packard Children's 
Hospital (Stanford). He would like to conduct a study of T1's that 
will take about a year. The participants would need to come to his 
lab on a regular basis -- monthly or so -- for a year or more and 
provide a fresh urine specimen. The specimen must be taken there as 
the cells they are looking for are quite fragile. The lab work to 
culture the cells takes several hours EACH to prepare and must come 
from a "fresh" specimen so it is not feasible for those of you who 
are willing but live out of the area to participate....... so, don't 
bother to read on except to satisfy your curiosity. If Dr L. can find 
a partner with time and facilities on the east coast, there may be a 
possiblility to extend the study at some point in the future.

The study will be a longitudinal study correlating glycemic control
(and other parameters such as blood pressure, etc) with the
quantitative rate of podocyte shedding into the urine. A podocyte 
is a cell that appears in the urine and it is postulated that the 
quantity of these is indicitive of the progression of kidney disease. 
The study will be open to all comers (pump or not) and NOT restricted 
to people with perfect glycemic control -actually they would ideally 
have individuals with all sorts of degrees of tightness in their 
glycemia, in order to see an effect on podocytes. This will be an 
uncompensated study, done out of the goodness of people's hearts (and 
a healthy self-interest -- he's a really good kidney doc !!).

If you are interested in participating and CAN visit Standford on a 
regular basis at least once a month of so, let me know. Dr. L has not 
yet begun in earnest and is interested in finding out if local 
members of IP would participate.

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