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[IP] Re: was Glucagon shots, now lows and being happy

I am so glad that someone has written about this, as I have wanted to ask 
about this myself for a long time.  
Claire had extremely unstable bgs. while on MDI, and has much better bgs on 
the pump, but still quite a lot of erratic numbers.  I have noticed that she 
goes low or has great numbers when she is very happy.  We used to call it the 
"Madeleine effect"--when she was with her best friend she would go low.  Now 
sometimes this involved active playing, and of course we'd expect a low 
number.  But often Maddie and Claire would just sit around doing little girl 
things and she would still be lower than expected.  We have moved across the 
country (and thus no Maddie to play with) and Claire had erratic, awful bgs 
for two months.  Things have just gotten better in the last two weeks, don't 
know if it will last.  Wish we had Maddie around to come visit. 
     Conversely, last year at school she hated her teacher and her bgs were 
sky high every day (pre-pump) and she would get sicker and it was a vicious 
circle. I know its common knowledge that stress can cause bgs to rise, but is 
there also a "happy" hormone that causes them to drop?  Anyone know about any 
research in this area? 
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7

> Subject: RE: [IP] glucagon shots
> This may sound funny, my daughter who is now 11 years old is on the pump 
> now
> for a year and we finally noticed that she goes low when she is happy and
> she goes high when she is unhappy.  and happy could be something as simple
> as watching tv.
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