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[IP] Re: Disconnecting for lows

I was reading one of my pumping books about a month or so ago and it said not to treat
the lows by disconnecting, that there was not enough lead time to help. It said to
correct with glucose/carbs. That's what we've always done too.

take care, Kerri and Shannon-11 dxT1 11/96, pumping 11/99 and loving it!

On 13 Jan 2002 23:22:49 -0500 "jhughey" <email @ redacted> wrote:
>IMHO disconnecting or suspending is too much thought/energy which is
>obviously lacking at a crucial time, to spent on the pump and its
>function(s). *I* say, let the pump run and treat the low!

I agree 100% with Jan. Treat the low with CARBS, not reduced insulin.

Tom Beatson
Dx 1942, pump 1995
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