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Re: [IP] glad to be back!!!!

> >ALL profiles must be duplicated or they are useless. i.e. you must be >able 
> >to get the same shape curve for the same time of day at least >twice to be 
> >reasonably sure the data is good.
> Any suggestions on what to do when you *can't* duplicate the profile
> from day to day?  So far, I've found it impossible to duplicate, and
> have no idea how to proceed.  My CDE is at a loss, as well.
> Jenn

Be patient. It took over a month once to get just the nights 
established for my daughter. Something alway came up, some activity 
or food or illness..... you name it. bg's were all over the place. If 
you have a time of day where things are consistently BAD, you can 
start working on that and just inch it in by trial and error then 
profile it to really get it right. That may be part of the reason for 
the rest of the bg instability. There's more than one way to skin a 
cat :-)

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