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[IP] Someone you should know about.


	I am the parent of a diabetic child, and I recently met a parent you should 
all know.  Jim McCord is the father of Maggie 19, diagnosed 10 years ago.  
She did a good job taking care of herself until a few years ago.  She passed 
out in public twice in a few weeks and decided not to let it happen again.  
Maggie started to show the effects of keeping her blood sugar above 300 for 
a prolonged time.  Jim and his wife had not realized this as she had been 
doing 100% of her cares for over 3 years prior and had excellent numbers.  
They sought medical and psychological help, but it has been a long struggle. 
   One day Jim and Maggie say a TV news magazine report on federal funding 
of medical research, and could not believe how low diabetes ranked.  Jim 
decided he had to do something.  He contacted his representatives who told 
him that the money was spread out not according to people affected, cost, 
mortality, or ability to cure: but, to the group that had the strongest 
lobbying concern pestering Washington.  Jim then spoke to representatives of 
JDRF and ADA who said that lobbying was not the focus of the group, or they 
were undermanned for such an undertaking.  Jim has now decided to take 
matters into his own hands.  On May 1st Jim plans to run from San Diego to 
Washington DC to raise awareness to the need for increased diabetes research 
funding.  Jim is not an athlete.  He hired a trainer and has been in 
training for several months.  He has sold his house to make sure he has the 
funding to do this, but he still needs help.  For the run to be a success, 
people have to hear about.  Please visit Jims site and register your 
support, then contact your support groups, local JDRF, and ADA members and 
let them know.  If you live near his proposed course, urge local and 
statewide media to cover his crusade.   Contact diabetes web sites, and urge 
them to link to Jims site.  Do anything you can to call attention to the 
run or lend your help (I know there are a lot of people more creative then 
me out there.  You may only be one person, but you need to be heard( the 
recent election proves what a difference a few people can make).  Jim hopes 
that eventually JDRF or ADA will organize a rally in Washington where 
thousands would lobby for diabetes research.  A cure is on the horizon.  
Please contact Jim at www.diabetesinfo.cc

                           Jim Waters
                           Father of Alex age 10
                           diagnosed Jan 1996

PS: This is only a brief description of the things Jim has done over the 
past year.  He committed to his crusade, and it has had initial success.  
Maggie has been able to slowly improve her blood sugars, because she has 
seeen the lengths that her dad will go to, to fight for her.

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