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RE: [IP] Disconnecting for lows

Jan (since you asked) and others who may still be wondering about this

My experience has been and will always continue to be:

Deal with the diabetes first and the pump second.

This strategy has seen me through simple / complex troubleshooting, low
BGs, high BGs, illness and other unexpected bumps in the road.

Please note that this is not "advice", simply observations coupled with

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted
> > I* say, let the pump run and treat the low! YMMV What do our
> > > pumping reps who have DM advise?  (~_^)
> > >
> > ** I think that Jan is RIGHT ON on this one.
> Thanks! I think my point *was* and didn't post it, but the 
> insulind that is affecting a present low is what was already 
> infused well more than an hour ago. Too late. I fully agree 
> reigns at that time. It's the simple carb injestion that is 
> necessary.  I still want to hear from a pump company 
> representative/trainer/Certified DM Educator/Doctor who HAS 
> DM and wears a pump - for your professional advice. One who 
> has BTDT (been there done that) and fully knows whereof I speak. (~_^)
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