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[IP] Re: A horrible story

> She said that she was very sick and it was a horrible
> story.  By this time she was talking grave and whispering.  I thought the
> mother had a brain tumor or something along the lines of eminent death.
> asked me if I had heard of the boy and his mother.  I said no.  Then she
> leaned into me and whispered,  "She has diabetes."

I am on another support group list where most of the people are/were DMers -
they are waiting on or have had a kidney/pancreas transplant. Some of them
will say they have had DM for 20 years and it has taken its toll. My DM care
the first 33+ years of DM was not at all optimal and somehow I'm not as bad
off as many who are younger. Some have had tx's at 16 years. I met another
gal on the 'net 2 yrs ago - DMer 25 years. Her legs were so numb she was in
a wheelchair. She sooooo much wanted to come to my 50th DM anniversary BASH,
but had a stroke and was in ICU for months. She died of this horrible
disease August, 01. She was only 36 years old (I did get to meet her in the
hospital in June). I had a neighbor years ago who told me someone she worked
with had DM so bad she had to quit work. I could not understand why. I
haven't been able to work full time (nor part time now) for over a decade. I
think the bottom line is still - YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). I know
identical twins who have had DM 66 years (they are 72). One has had double
amputations in the last year and was placed on emergency dialysis. Her eyes
are very bad. The other is still functioning very well. They followed their
diets, etc. as kids cuz if they didn't they'd tell on each other. What a
support system. ;)

We often have threads on this list that DM isn't such a bad thing, and
others say they hate it and what it's doing to them. If someone hasn't
experienced the ravages of the disease, it would be hard for them to relate.
I wish the best for all of us, and the best care. Also, in about 20 years
after pumping and good A1c's, some on this list will be devestated because
the DM monster still will have stolen their lives away - it's the luck of
the gene pool. A cure would cure all this. (~_^)

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