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Re: [IP] Disconnecting for lows

> I* say, let the pump run and treat the low! YMMV What do our
> > pumping reps who have DM advise?  (~_^)
> >
> ** I think that Jan is RIGHT ON on this one.

Thanks! I think my point *was* and didn't post it, but the insulind that is
affecting a present low is what was already infused well more than an hour
ago. Too late. I fully agree with the exercise thing of suspending -
whatever works for you. BUT, using a non-well-functioning brain to
disconnect during a low still makes no sense to me. The effect is NOT
immediate and that is what one is striviing for. Confusion reigns at that
time. It's the simple carb injestion that is necessary.  I still want to
hear from a pump company representative/trainer/Certified DM Educator/Doctor
who HAS DM and wears a pump - for your professional advice. One who has BTDT
(been there done that) and fully knows whereof I speak. (~_^)

\)/ Jan & Bluda Sue
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