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Re: [IP] 3 year old daughter!

> I've been pumping for 6 months and love it.  Five days ago, my 3
> year old daughter was diagnosed.  We are in shock, anger, denial,
> afraid, etc.  Do any of you with small children on pumps have words
> of caution or wisdom to share?

I'm not sure it really makes a difference what age your child is when 
diagnosed. Our reaction was the same when our daughter was diagnosed 
8 year ago. That day I made up my mind that this "thing" would not 
change my daughter's life any more than absolutely necessary. That's 
probably the best decision I've ever made for my child. Her insulin 
pump is a tool that helps her live as close to a normal life as 
possible. I've tried my best to be a teacher and mentor so that she 
has all to tools available to deal with her diabetes and control it 
rather than the other way around. From all outward appearances I 
think this has worked, but I will never be sure as I do not live 
daily with diabetes as many of you do.

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