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Re: [IP] glad to be back!!!!

> I was in the process of moving the last few months and did not have
> access to my computer.  I never realized until now how helpful this
> website was to me.  It kept me constantly aware of how important
> good control is and gave me very helpful hint on how to obtain such
> control.  My blood sugars have not been as good as they once were.  
> I remember when I first got my pump two years ago, I did a lot of
> fasting to determine my basals and it worked out very well.  In the
> last month or two there has been a big change and I think it is time
> for me to do the fasting again.  I can't find my instruction book
> for the fasting schedule.  I do remember checking my blood sugars
> every two hours during each fast.  I just can't remember when I
> should start the fast from and to.  Any help would be appreciated.

If you have "Pumping Insulin" (you should :-), how to do basal 
profile etc.... is covered in detail. There are also HOWTO's on the 
Insulin Pumpers howto pages. Usually the night times are done first, 
but it is best to start with the most unstable part of the day and 
get that right. That will make the rest easier. Don't do a fast more 
often than every couple of days and don't do more than one meal 
skip.... it's OK to move a meal (a lot), but try to break the day 
into 3 - 4 overlapping periods and do each period separately. Nights 
are harder, every 4 hours is OK if you repeat the on another night 
with the check time offset by 2 hours. This will give you datapoints 
every 2 hours -- you must adjust for different starting points 
(normalize the data), but it makes it more accurate since your sleep 
pattern is not interrupted as often. ALL profiles must be duplicated 
or they are useless. i.e. you must be able to get the same shape 
curve for the same time of day at least twice to be reasonably sure 
the data is good.

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