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Re: [IP] Insurance and money problems....

At 10:47 AM 1/14/02, you wrote:
>I was very fortunate to have great insurance and only
>had to pay $200 for my pump initially. I've had a
>special insurance for children since I was diagnosed
>that covered all copays on supplies and insulin, etc.
>That is, until recently. I got an invoice for the
>amount of $300 for my sils and resivoirs. This extra
>insulrance would run out next year anyways, because I
>am turning 21, and it is for children. My problem is,
>I can't afford to pay this amount for my supplies! I
>go to college and work, and barely have enough money
>as is. I can't come up wth $300 to pay for my pump
>supplies. Anyone know of any help I can get or any
>suggestions????  Thanks!
You didn't say which pump you have.  I know Disetronic has a program for 
those who can't pay the total price for their supplies.  Perhaps MM and 
Animas have a similar program.  Call you pump company and ask.  It won't hurt.

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