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[IP] It finally happened to me!

Well it finally happened to me.....you know the deal,people making ignorant
comments to us diabetics.  I used to just read everyone's stories and really
didn't comprehend how shocking it was to have something stupid said to a
diabetic by a non-diabetic.
I am the yearbook coordinator for my son's elementary school.  Most of the
teachers there see me all the time and know that I am very busy with the
yearbook, three kids, going to school full-time, and  what ever else I
decide to take up.  Nothing slows me down.
Anyway, a kindergarten teacher asked me to come pick up a picture that she
had taken of one of her students and a author that visited the school.  She
went on to say that it would mean a lot the boy's mother to see his picture
in the yearbook.  She said that she was very sick and it was a horrible
story.  By this time she was talking grave and whispering.  I thought the
mother had a brain tumor or something along the lines of eminent death. She
asked me if I had heard of the boy and his mother.  I said no.  Then she
leaned into me and whispered,  "She has diabetes."  I was stunned.  I
couldn't even respond to her.  All I keep thinking was, "does this lady know
who she is talking to?"  I wish I had stayed to tell her I was diabetic and
show her my pump but I was so freaked by what and how she said that, and
because it was during class, that I thanked her for the picture and left.  I
may go back to the teacher and approach her about what she said and try to
meet this mother to give some support if she would like it. (sounds like she
needs to get off the pity wagon although she may very well be very sick) If
I find out I'll post again.
Anyway, Thanks for letting me share.  I haven't posted in a long time and
now you all know.....I'm one busy mama!

Sheila Morris
Ft. Sam Houston
San Antonio, TX
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