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Re: [IP] Driver's License Problems

 Here is the process for diabetic pilots to obtain a license. FYI  
Before 1997, T1 diabetics were unable to fly any type of airplane. Ever 
since I got into a small accident, because I was hypo, I test my sugar 
before taking my car out of the garage and use the rules below.

To qualify for the special issuance, applicants may have no otherwise 
disqualifying conditions, especially significant diabetes-related 
complications (arteriosclerotic coronary or cerebral disease, retinal 
disease, or chronic renal failure). Insulin-taking diabetics may be 
issued only a third class airman medical certificate for use with a 
student, recreational, or private pilot certificate. Applicants may have 
had no more than one hypoglycemic reaction with loss of consciousness, 
seizure, impaired cognitive function which occurred without warning 
symptoms, or requiring intervention by another party within the past 
five years. One year of stability must follow the episode of 
hypoglycemia. Maintenance of the special issuance requires complete 
reevaluation by a specialist every three months, and daily blood glucose 
measurements must be provided. A digital glucose monitor with memory 
must be carried in flight, along with supplies to obtain and measure 
blood, and rapidly absorbable glucose in 10-gram portions. Pilots must 
document a blood glucose level of 100-300 mg/dl within one half hour 
prior to takeoff, hourly during flight, and within one half hour prior 
to landing. A detailed summary of the regulation is available from 
AOPA's Medical Certification Department by calling 800/USA-AOPA, and 
from AOPA Online on CompuServe and the Internet (www.aopa.org). Ian 
Blair Fries, M.D., is a senior aviation medical examiner who chairs the 
AOPA Medical Advisory Panel and sits on the AOPA Air Safety Foundation 
Board of Visitors. Gary E. Crump heads AOPA's Medical Certification 


>Hi George:
>thanks for this information regarding new DOT laws.  Apparently this has
>been fairly recent as I've not seen or read about this in the ADA magazine
>I'm wondering if the same now applies to airline pilots as they too went
>through a similar process.
>I will respond to the questionnaire in support of CDL drivers.  It's bad
>enough to have to live w/this disease but to be denied a decent earning when
>a person can take good care of themself and prove it....well....
>Kathy B.
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