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Re: [IP] Pumping - then & now

Thanks Jan.
I know he takes humalog and regular mixed at meals, and long acting insulin,
so I'm assuming he gives himself a shot everytime he eats.  Like I said,
he's not really open about it, so I have no idea where he gives himself
shots.  He did say one thing about the pump- how humalog works faster than
his  food sometimes.  I mentioned the square wave option and all, but I
don't think he knew what it  was, and I don't think he wanted to know.  I
guess I'm just being a busybody, but the pump has helped my son's control so
much that I wish my cuz would give it another chance.
I don't think he would join the list.  He's is always on the go.  Right now
he's caving in Mexico.  I couldn't see him sitting still long enough to read
the messages.  :)
Thanks again.

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> Beth,
> Oh, one more thing - where does he give his shots? How many a day? I would
> think those same places would be where he'd place a site. I did have a
> I could not use but that has healed. Changing sites even every other day
> fewer injections than MDI.
> Sometimes people get so burned on a procedure they will not try again. I
> dunno what to say about your cousin. It would be his decision. Offering
> and pieces may help. Let me know how it turns out. Perhaps he could join
> this list and lurk - about 3,200 others do. (~_^)
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