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Re: [IP] glucagon shots

<<SNIP> Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 07:54:01 EST
Beverly writes:
<<Mary has needed glucagon several times over the years.......she has a 
tendency to stop breathing......it is truly a lifesaver as my son is up for a 
hero recognition in scouts for finding her in the middle of the night and 
getting me etc (she was about gone)......yes, she does vomit but IMO vomiting 
is alive......>>

Beverly, I am very proud of your son for "rescuing" his sister!  
Beverly also writes:
.<<....you don't know what you will do until you are faced with a 
situation so, please don't assume you won't wish to use it and not keep it 
around it could save your loved one's (or your own) life....>>

We have been told by our endo, and also have seen literature stating, that 
EVERYONE who uses insulin should have a glucagon kit readily available and a 
person trained on how to use it with them.  For this reason, we fought the 
school long and hard and finally got enough staff members trained on glucagon 
so that one is always at the school or on field trips with all diabetic 
students!  Fortunately, we have never had to use one.
Susan S.
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