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Re: [IP] Pumping - then & now

>>> my cousin has been type 1 now for about 20 years.  He started pumping a
couple of years after diagnosis so I'd guess in the mid 80s.  He talked
about using the needles that stay in place (instead of the cannula that most
have today) and about all the scar tissue that built up over the years.  He
doesn't wear a pump now because he says he has no place left to wear a set.
He rarely will talk about diabetes with me, and the one time he did he said
his nos. were all over the place.  Is it possible that even with all the
scar tissue he could benefit from the pumps today?  He had never heard of
the square wave etc, but seems so discouraged from the past that he won't
listen.  Did you experience any of these problems?  Any encouraging news I
could give him would be greatly appreciated. Beth>>>


Sadly, I do not have an answer for you. Perhaps a pump rep - one who isn't
out for a sale, but who would genuinely listen to his concerns and past
history - would be able to address these issues. I have been very fortunate.
I used straight needles that I bent myself and remember the fire pain I had
when those were in my legs. I haven't done a leg site in about 15 years. I
still do not use disconnecting sets - but the Sof-Set 42" regular set. I got
so used to my routine that I have adjusted and do not like the extra
expenses at every little turn. Same way with the straight needle, when they
started bending them and charging more $$, I continued to bend them myself.

Oh, one more thing - where does he give his shots? How many a day? I would
think those same places would be where he'd place a site. I did have a spot
I could not use but that has healed. Changing sites even every other day is
fewer injections than MDI.

Sometimes people get so burned on a procedure they will not try again. I
dunno what to say about your cousin. It would be his decision. Offering bits
and pieces may help. Let me know how it turns out. Perhaps he could join
this list and lurk - about 3,200 others do. (~_^)

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