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[IP] Drivers License Problems

    Thank-you very much for your comments, suggestions and questions.  I'll
try and answer some of them:
    I am 47 years old and in relatively good shape.  I exercise near daily and
have A1c's consistently in the high 5's or very low 6's.  It was a "low" that
caused this incident, a minor traffic accident with minimal property damage
and no injuries.  As I previously stated, it's the first time for this and
while both the State DMV and my insurance carrier are now aware, who knows
where we go from here.
    I've been on the pump for a year and a half -- insulin dependent diabetic
for 30 years.  I checked my blood less than an hour before hitting the road.
I took a granola bar with me and programmed some insulin for it.  I apparently
did something wrong on the buttons and there was a malfunction.  After this
little episode, I went back through the pump's history to see what I'd done.
Not only were there no incorrect bolus', there wasn't even a bolus listed for
what I THOUGHT I had programmed in (a dual) for the granola bar.  So who knows
what happened there!
    I live in central Florida and also have the "Insulin Dep" endorsement on
my license.  I think I renewed the license last about two (2) years ago.
    Thank-you all again for your comments and replies.  By the volume of
response, I feel better about posting the question(s), as I now realize that
I'm not the only one with these concerns.
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