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Re: [IP] Driver's License Problems

At 12:02 AM 1/13/02 Kathleen Peterson wrote:
 >HellO! I am curious, is there anyone on this list from Oregon? I would like
 >to know if Oregon has the same laws? I believe that we only have to say if
 >we have had any 'adverse reactions' while driving in the past two years....I
 >THINK. I just had to get a replacement license. Well, if anyone knows
 >anything, please post!

I'm in Oregon and the last time I filled out the form it only asked if I've 
ever lost consciousness while driving due to any medical condition. I could 
safely answer No to that one. I've only had mail renewals for so many years 
now that I don't know if the question has changed recently or not.

(Oregonian since 1979)
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