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[IP] Re: Mixing Insulins in pump

I had this same experience but mixed regular with my Humalog.  I am doing 
great with just the Novolog and not mixing anything.  I have been going 4 
days before a site change without a rise in BG.  I actually mean to change it 
every 3 but I keep forgetting!  Too much on my mind or being over 40!

Type 1 28 years, pumping 2 1/2 years.

Sylvia writes:

> Laurie,
>   Mixxing some Velosulin or regualr in with Humalog has proven to cut down 
> on 
> sensitivity to the Humalog.  The regular acts as a buffer which helps the 
> pumper tolerate the Humalog better and LONGER.  We had to do this with Josh 
> who has been pumping 2 years now, starting at 8.  IT was an INSTANT cure 
> for 
> rising BGs and sore sites after 36 hours.  Our experience was that it did 
> not 
> alter the response time or basal/bolus needs because you are only putting 
> in 
> a small amount (60 units in 315 cartridge)  But if you are noticing that 
> sites are only lasting a day or 36 hours you may find that this mixture 
> helps.  We are now on Novolog and no longer have the need to mix.  And Josh 
> does not experience pain with bolusing either....YIPEEEEE!!
> Sylvia
> mom to Joshua
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