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Re: [IP] glucagon shots

--- "jspock @shore.net" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> >Unaccounted for severe lows should not happen with
> the pump....only if >you 
> >bolus and don't eat...so I am told....
> Hmm, not necessesarily.  

It's true! If you have an irregular lifestyle it's
hard to set  a basal that's consistant. One day I'm in
bed at 10 and up at 7, the next, I'm in bed at 3 AM
and up at noon. It really has an effect  - I have
different basal rates too, but they take effect after
about a day or so, by which time my schedule has
already changed. I have lows, but I test often, maybe
12-15 x/day.

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