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Re: [IP] FULL MOON (was glucagon shots)

Beverly and anyone else who wants to answer....speaking of FULL MOONS, am I 
the only one that notices the crazy effect the full moon has on BGs, 
especially with kids (it could be with ANYONE really)????  Josh's BGs will 
all of a sudden be going all over the place for about a week on either side 
of the full moon, a total of about 7 days.  We were actually on the CGMS when 
this happened a few months back and then I realized it was full moon right in 
the middl eof the 3 days and WHAMO...his readings were TERRIBLE!!!!!!  They 
didn't tell us anything except that his BGs were whack out completely.  A 
couple of days after the full moon was going down his numbers became PERFECT 
for the next 2 weeks, and I mean perfect!!!!

So, let's see what others have to say about this one!!!

mom to Joshua
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