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[IP] re; betsy and "normal" amounts


i have been type 1 for 21 years. in the past when i injected, my doctors let
me take unheard of amounts of insulin, i was on nph at the time. i was
taking 70 units at a time, thinking this was ok, because my family doctor
said so. as i went to other doctors, i found out i was on way too much, and
they brought me down, and switched insulins, etc. anyway, i can't say i ever
had any resistance problems, just poor medical guidance. i wouldn't worry
too much about resistance at this time, just take the amount that your dr
recommends. bottom line is, stay healthy. my basals run .6 and .7 during the
day, and .9 overnight.  have you tried testing, then not eating for several
hours, and testing again to see what your basal does? (of course you don't
want to do a lot of exercise either, so it doesn't affect you bg). if after
a few hours, or overnight, you drop a lot, maybe your basals are too high,
and your boluses are too low? just a suggestion that worked for me. good

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