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[IP] Disetronic Chat on 1-14 Monday

Pumpers and Friends,


    This Monday night 1-14 -2001  Insulin Pumpers will be co-hosting a chat
with Disetronic on Managed Care.
With speaker  Zoe H. Myers, National Director of Managed Care Disetronic
Medical Systems, Inc. in the Guest room at 9P.M. EST.


FYI:  This is Zoe's Bio

Zoe H. Myers, National Director of Managed Care Disetronic Medical Systems,
My personal diabetes history begins in 1990 when I was diagnosed by my
mom,who just happened to know what extreme thirst, blurry vision and sudden
weight loss meant. There was no history of diabetes in my family as far as
anyone could recall. My family physician immediately referred me to an
endocrinologist that specializes in intensive diabetes management, Jim
Mersey, MD, FACE, FACP,  in Baltimore. We tried every possible version of
MDI until the pump became the logical solution for me. Within the first
three months of
wearing a pump, I was able to achieve my goals of a hemoglobin A1c in the
target range for the first time, sleeping through the night to wake up with
a normal blood glucose, varying meal times without affecting my blood
glucose and exercising without fear of a sudden drop. In 1994 I began
working for Disetronic in the Mid-Atlantic area, working with
endocrinologists, Pump clubs and local chapters of the AADE. Since 2000 I
have been a part of the  Managed Care Group, whose mission is to partner
with managed care organizations, to
ensure  that insulin pump therapy will become a part of their comprehensive
solution for members with diabetes. I participate in the American
Association of Clinical Endocrinologists as a Co-Chair and member of their
Corporate Adisory Board for 2002-03. Over the past year I have worn the
H-TRONplus, Dahedi and D-TRON pump models. I currently wear a D-TRON.

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